Dear children of the European Union,

EuropeIn 2007 all Bulgarian children will celebrate their first Christmas in the great family of Europe.

For this reason we would like to give you the opportunity to send your greeting to the children of Bulgaria.

  • Draw a picture,
  • Write a short verse,
  • Put your smile

in an email together with your good wishes and send them to us with all the love you have. And as the biggest Bulgarian online portal, will deliver your Christmas greetings and message of friendship to as many Bulgarian children as possible.

We will also publish on our website your name, country and holiday wishes (text, photos, drawings or video) that you sent to us, so that every Bulgarian child can read them.

You can send your Christmas greetings to, until Christmas Eve, 24th December 2007.

With love,
Az-Deteto Team

With special thanks to our official partner for France, Irina Vernet


Victor Cazalis - 7 years, Paris

Coralie Cazalis - 5 years, Paris

Christoff Varengo - 10 years, Paris

Selena-Marina de France - 7 years, Paris

Sofia Varengo - 6 years, Paris